Pali Wallet

A Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet for Syscoin.
  • Blockchain
  • DeFi
  • Software development

What is Pali Wallet?

Pali Wallet is a browser extension that enables you to securely store, send, and receive SYS cryptocurrency, as well as any tokens built on the Syscoin Token Platform including NFTs and fungibles. It also supports Trezor™ hardware wallets.

Pali Wallet provides you with a secret 12-word recovery phrase which makes it easy for you to restore your wallet. Remember, don’t forget your phrase, and keep it safe and secret.

This non-custodial web 3.0 wallet enables you to interact with Syscoin dapps in a secure way. It provides you the ability to authenticate and sign transactions without exposing your private keys. Your keys are kept secure in the extension’s storage area and are encrypted with a password.

This crypto wallet extension requires and requests your express permission in order to interact with any webpage or dapp you visit, because it adds new functionality to the normal browser context.

Pali Wallet provides dapp developers with a simple API that makes it easy to integrate solutions with the Syscoin blockchain through the extension. The API guide is available here.

Pali Wallet is open source. The source code was created to be compatible (more or less) with any Bitcoin based blockchain. Any skilled developer can fork and adapt it to work with BTC or similar coins with relatively minor refactoring in most cases. The source code is available here.

Support for Ethereum and Ethereum based blockchains is expected in the next major release of Pali Wallet.

Source code and security were externally audited before this extension was released. The audit report is public and can be reviewed here.

Pali Wallet was developed by Pollum Labs in cooperation with Syscoin Foundation.

Download Pali Wallet.


How was it to participate and develop this project?

I always had this desire to learn everything I can to do a good job and be better every day, so I started to learn about the crypto market, blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, dApps and smart contracts development while developing this project for SYS blockchain.

Pali Wallet was developed using React, TypeScript and Redux, so of course I also learned a lot about this stack and I’ve been improving my coding skills every day.

All of this also motivated me to learn how to develop smart contracts using Solidity and dApps using Web3 to become a blockchain developer.

There were some really good challenges that helped me to improve my skills, like when the project started and I learned how a browser extension works, about the communication between the browser contexts (like how can a web page send its data to a browser extension, get a response and execute something after this? How does this communication work?) and the logic that you need to create to put all these things to work together with a good performance, appearance, accessibility and security for the user data.

Pali also was announced on a Brazilian crypto news outlet. Check it out.