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Amanda Gonsalves

​I’m a self-taught software developer based in Florianópolis, Brazil. I’ve been studying since the beginning of 2020 doing a lot of side projects to improve my knowledge. In 2021, I got my first job as a developer, now I’m working hard every day to gain as much knowledge as possible to build my career as a software developer.

  • About

    I’m 18 years old and I’m passionate about solving problems and learning, especially new technologies, languages and the financial market.

    I work with React, Vue, TypeScript and CSS preprocessors like SCSS at frontend. At backend I have experience with Node and NoSQL (MongoDB).

    I have experience working on top of the Ethereum ecosystem. Developing from the protocol level (with Solidity as the main language, always using cutting edge tools to improve the process like Truffle or Hardhat) to the dApp level using web3.js with front-end frameworks.

    I also developed an extension wallet ( along with the Syscoin blockchain during this year, where I have been working on top of the bitcoinjs-lib and syscoinjs-lib libraries, which is deepening my knowledge of the structure of blockchain itself and allowing me to build on top of any Bitcoin chain as well.

    I’m always open to new challenges and ready to learn everything I can to do a good job and be better every day.



    syscoin logo

    Pali Wallet

    A Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet for Syscoin.

    react, typescript, redux


    See more projects on GitHub.

    react, vue, node


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